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Homemade Valentine Nuts: Sweet and Savory

It’s that special time of year again when lovers shower significant others with gifts and praises, and singles do their best to disregard the festivities all together. Seeing as eating tends to play… Continue reading

Poached Egg and Seared Catfish with Baked Plantain and Spicy Beurre Blanc Sauce

For someone who frequents super markets just to get an eyeful of the day’s fresh fish, it is a wonder why this post didn’t come sooner. I love eating fish, and I love… Continue reading

Beef Suya Wrap with a Spicy Hummus and Yogurt Sauce

Seeing as I’ve been craving and obsessing over suya a lot lately, writing up my attempt to reproduce it seemed like the next logical thing to do. In case you wondered, suya is… Continue reading

Plantain Boats with Chorizo and Egg Stew Filling

I don’t know what you spent your Christmas break eating, but I ate egg stew. Bowls and bowls of egg stew. Honestly, I blame Mr. Gebert (a.k.a Chef). Not only did he give… Continue reading


I like stuffing things. Foodwise. Perhaps it’s the excitement of knowing that there’s a little treat tucked away in the center of something that already looked yummy to begin with. Or perhaps it’s… Continue reading

Puff Puff Suzette

It’s been a while since my last post, but what better way to bounce back than with a few puffy bites? Puff puff, another popular Nigerian snack, is what’s on the table. Fluffy… Continue reading

Creamy Oxtail Stew with Sweet Potato Cakes

So my sister called me out last time for describing a succulent oxtail component to my Stuffed Plantain Nuggets and never actually making it. For those of you who may have shared her… Continue reading

Chin Chin Brittle

Chin chin – a popular fried dough snack in Nigeria – is one of those things I’ve been shoveling down since I was old enough to replace Cerelac with oxtail stew. And although… Continue reading

Stuffed Plantain Nuggets

Who doesn’t love nuggets? I mean really. Whether stuffed with chicken, beef, or that thing you found in your fridge (I don’t judge), we just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff.… Continue reading