Toasties 2019 Menu

We’ve added new items! Please find our updated menu and contact information below! Our Menus: menufeb2019.pdf specialsv4.pdf Location: 113, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria Contact Us: 09080161647 08170886449


  TOASTIES is a fast-casual dining restaurant chain located in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in hot toasted fusion sandwiches and offer a range of specials!   Our menus: menuMar2018v2 specialsv3   Our locations:… Continue reading

Bagel Sandwich: Egg, Goat Cheese & Shaki

Another day, another post about tripe. Sue me.   So I made a yummy bagel sandwich this morning, and it turned out so well I just had to share. I know, I know.… Continue reading

Plantain and Haddock Patties

  Got a quick little post for you guys!   So I was making dinner tonight and what started out as searing some left over haddock and baked plantain from the other day… Continue reading

Biscuitbone Summer Series: First Event

Over the weekend we hosted the very first event of Biscuitbone Summer Series, and it went really well! A friend offered up her gorgeous garden, so the location was perfect. “Picnique” was the… Continue reading


  You’ve seen the photos, now come taste the food! This summer, we’re inviting you to try out and critique our recipes! For those of you who plan to be in London, we’ll… Continue reading


How have I never made chicken on this blog?? Let’s fix that real quick… For today’s post, I decided to play around with Korean BBQ wings. Now I’ve never attempted any Asian recipes… Continue reading

Street Feast, London

Yesterday my friends and I headed over to Street Feast in East London for a round of oohs and ahhs at this year’s selection of quirky street food vendors. Everything from Mini-Naan sliders… Continue reading

Shaki and Agege Bread Toasties

Let’s talk about tripe. Again.   So recently I learnt that there’s a whole world of people out there who refuse to eat tripe (or “shaki” as we call it in Nigeria). I… Continue reading

Lemon and Thyme Bread

Let me start off with this caveat: I am no baker. The sentence, “I feel like baking a loaf of bread today,” has never escaped my mouth. Yeah, sure, I’ve whipped up several… Continue reading